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The Monster Thirsting for Blood

April 3, 2021

It is 1976, William Smith and his family pack up and move to Albany, New York. He enrolls into St. John Catholic School. If going to a new school isn't hard enough, he is starting middle school. William is a kid obsessed with getting good grades and playing basketball.

Meanwhile, Patrick Thompson is a kid that has gone to St. John since kindergarten. Patrick has been bullied for years, and now he has decided to be the bully. As sixth grade starts, he is ready to strike back. Just wait until William and Patrick’s worlds collide...

Then there is Mrs. Luckmeyer, their new homeroom teacher. There are strict teachers, and then there is Mrs. Luckmeyer. Each student must follow the rules and get straight A’s, otherwise watch out for her punishments. William, Patrick, and the other students will encounter many adventures along the way. But will they survive sixth grade, you must read to find out...

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The Monster Thirsting for Blood

The Monster Thirsting for Blood started when Julie was a sixth grader.  She came up with the perfect idea that would forever change her life.  Inspired by her sixth grade experiences, she decided to write a book along with her brother John about the journey of middle school in the eyes of two characters.  Weaved into the story is comedy, action, drama, and friendship.  Their goal is to encourage middle schoolers all over the world to read, and of course, laugh.  Read it today on Amazon!  Available in both ebook and paperback! 

Link:  The Monster Thirsting for Blood on Amazon 

Artwork by Julie Threefoot

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The Monster Thirsting for Blood is a comedy about two sixth graders.  Their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Luckmeyer, is the nightmare to every student.  As the year progresses, they see a more evil side to Mrs. Luckmeyer -- a side that is not just punishments, but one of more peril...

Read about the two main characters below!

Patrick Thompson

Patrick is the tallest kid in class, and likes sports and math.  He has gone to St. John Catholic School since he was in kindergarten.  Patrick used to be a loser, always picked on and bullied.  And this year, he decides to not be a loser anymore.  He decides to be the apex predator of middle school.  Any new students need to watch out for Patrick's fury!


William Smith

Will is the new kid at St. John Catholic School, moving to Albany, New York from his small hometown in New Hampshire.  Will is in love with classics such as Gone with the Wind and has a passion for education.  His school skills are not appreciated by everyone and he meets bullies.  In the story, he learns to stand up against what is wrong and do what is most important, which is being himself.

To find out the rest of their story, you must read the book...

Artwork by Julie Threefoot

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"Dedicated to kids all over the world entering their first year of middle school.  You’ll survive.  (Or will you?!)"

Julie and John Threefoot

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